I have seen God work faithfully in my life over the past several years. As a freshman at Furman University, I began attending Grace Church. There I saw what it really meant to serve, to live in community with others and to surrender wholly to God’s leading in my life.

I interned at Grace in the summer of 2016 and worked with our department that is responsible for missions and outreach. During that summer, I helped coordinate a mission trip to Allendale, SC. It was an incredible experience. It wasn’t incredible because everything went my way, but because God showed me so much of Himself. It was a hard summer, and I failed a lot. But in the stumbling, tripping, and falling flat on my face, God was with me all the while.

The mission trip to Allendale was the first mission trip I had ever been on. God began to stir something in my heart while I was there. I began to crave the opportunity of sharing the Gospel through serving others and humbly meeting them where they were. This desire began to grow. I began to feel energized with the thought that God could use me to spread His glory to people around me, whether that was across the street, across the state or across the country. Since then I have been able to go to Allendale several more times, and am reminded of God’s glory each time I am there.

For one week this July, I have the opportunity to go to Kenya with Grace Church. I have experienced freedom in Christ, through his glorious grace. As believers, we are called not to use our freedom for selfish purposes but to serve others. (Galatians 5:13) I am confident that as much as I will have the opportunity to serve others, God will also use this trip as a growing opportunity for me.

I believe that this summer in Kenya is my opportunity to deny selfish desires, to serve the Kingdom, and to learn from my Kenyan brothers and sisters in Christ. I have an amazing opportunity in front of me, but I cannot do it alone. I will need to raise $3,000 for my trip. I am boldly asking for support from my friends and family to reach this goal. I am also placing my trust fully in God, who is faithful to provide.

My personal goal is to have all funds raised by July 1, both through support raising and personal saving. If you are able and willing to support me, a check may be made out to Grace Church and sent to 2801 Pelham Rd, Greenville, SC 29615. Please be sure to include my name in the memo line. You may also give online using the following link: https://gracechurchsc.securegive.com/SG/WebOnline/Home/Index?WO=gracechurchsc#. Once on the site, you may click the option to give without an account. Next, you will choose “Missions” from the drop-down box. Finally, you will enter the monetary amount in the box denoting Mission: OVC Kenya, and enter my name in the box titled “‘Giving Memo”.

I am a creature of habit; one who seeks comfort, control and security in every aspect of life. I would ask specifically that you pray that I look to the Lord for comfort as I prepare for Kenya and while I am there. Pray that instead of longing to have the trip ruled by my routines, I would surrender all control. And pray that through it all, I will find security in Christ and the battle He has already won. As my brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask that you join with me as God prepares the way for me to go to Kenya. Whether that is in prayer, financially or some other way, I would be so grateful for your support.


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